Dumplings…It’s a Melbourne thing

Dumplings in Melbourne

If you arrive in Melbourne and you have friends who live here then you are almost certainly going to be treated to dumplings at least once.

Melbourne’s China town has a delicious array of dumpling restaurants to suit all budgets.

Hu Tongs:  On the $$$ side but god they are good

China Red: Where you order your food on an iPad and then it is magically delivered to your table

Shanghai Village: Cheap and Cheerful…try the pumpkin cakes.

This blog post is not about any of these dumpling places.  Oh no.  This blog post is about the institution that is known as Camy Shanghai Dumplings on Tattersall’s Lane.  Anyone who knows what I’m talking about has just rolled their eyes.  For the uninitiated this place is quite literally the worst place in existence, and yet I keep finding myself here.

The food is not good. It tastes like a used jock strap wrapped in slime.

The wait staff have become less grumpy over the years. In the past they used to almost throw the food at you and hurry you through you meal. They don’t do this now.

The atmosphere is fine until some joker tells the staff it is their birthday and they play some happy birthday song at the loudest volume over crappy speakers.  Which is repeated after multiple people cotton on.  I hate you people.

Food on the walls in Camy Shanghai Dumpling
It doesn’t look like the place has been cleaned in years, there is even dried food on the walls.

Yet I keep coming back.  I don’t know why I think this time it will be different.  In the end I guess I just go back for the nostalgia.  It has never been good.  Rumour has it they have been closed multiple times for food safety or liquor law breaches, but it was where we used to go to have a meal with friends that didn’t cost the earth.  So it brings back happy memories and I’d be sad, but not surprised when it finally gets the push.


7 thoughts on “Dumplings…It’s a Melbourne thing

    1. I can highly recommend others though! Hu-Tongs on Market lane is amazing! If you’re not veggie, try the Xiao Long Bao (Soup inside the dumplings) otherwise they do a great selection of veggie dumplings too!

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      1. Unfortunately not in the city. However, Mamak (Malaysian) on Londsdale street is great and definitely worth a visit.
        If you’re in the north Pad Cha in Preston is pretty nice for Thai food.

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