Tower 42

The building Tower 42
The building Tower 42
Tower 42

Taken in London on a solo photo walk.  Entered into the Dailypost  weekly photo challenge .

Walking around London is a great way to get shake yourself from the creative slump.  This image was an after though, I had just finished at the Leadenhall Market when I saw this colossal glass lobby.  Standing on the other side of the road I was able to get the whole lobby.  The tower it self stands back and rises high above.  Be Careful taking images around th city in London that you stay on the public footpaths, or you may be trespassing.

8 thoughts on “Tower 42

      1. Hey Alex, your blog is really stunning – great Pictures you are sharing here. Are you a professional photographer? I love every one of your pictures, your night shot skills are mostly impressive! You see me around your blog by every new post!


      2. Hey thanks for your kind words. Nope I’m just an enthusiast at the moment. I have just been looking at your blog, I really like your attention to detail and bringing a sense of beauty to the abstract with subjects that would normally be considered mundane. I liked your doorbells and your windows post! I’ll be reading your blog at every post too!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hey thx. I have another blog, where i post a picture every day. It has an higher focus of abstract and obvious things. Maybe I see you around there too, its the more active project at the moment. Https://


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