Action Shots

Skier Grabbing

For this post, I wanted to delve into the archive and pull one of my favourite images out. It was taken on a ski trip a few years back to the Australian Ski hill Falls Creek.  Now Falls creek is one of my usual Australian Ski places, about 5/6 hours out of Melbourne. Basically, to get there you head up the Hume to Wangaratta and turn right towards Bright and then follow the signs to the Ski resort.

Now this shot was taken standing at the base of on of their jumps in the park:

Skier Grabbing
Rocking the Grab

I wanted to also let you know that this image was taken using what is now an old camera the Canon 5D.  I used the Canon 70-200 f/4 and this specific shot was taken at f/8 (1/320) ISO 50.  The thing is, it shows you don’t really need the best camera body to get an awesome picture.  All you need is a bit of patience and knowing when to press the shutter button.

In this image you can’t tell how high the skier is, they could be 3 feet or 30 feet above the ground and gives the image an element of action, suspense and thrill.  I love taking photos at ski resorts because you’re never disappointed.  If it is foggy and a complete white out? BOOM atmosphere.  A blue bird day? Great! I can get some awesome atmosphere.  Raining and the snow is being washed away….I guess it’s Apres Ski time!
What’s your favourite place to take photos?  Comment below, and if you have an example of one you love even better!


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