The plan was to go to the Lake District.  I was going to do an overnight hike, with a bit of wild camping and I planned to get some sunset shots with a grand vista view.  Whilst a bit of bad weather can create an epic sunset, the forecast meant that I would have been camping in Gale force winds and a thunderstorm.  No matter, I had organised a backup and stayed near Whitby just off the North York Moors.  During the day on sat, it was pretty wet and miserable…the saying is “It’s grim ooop north” and Saturday tried its hardest to prove that.

After a bit of a coastal walk during the day, the weather cleared up.  That meant that the sunset at the Pier in Whitby put on an epic show!  The sky just exploded with colour as the clouds rolled off the moors and into the sea!  Definitely one of my favourite sunsets in the UK and worth the crappy weather previously!


As for the Lakes…I still plan to do the trip so I shall be keeping an eye on the weather and let’s hope I can get it in soon!


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