The London Eye

London's Eye from St James' park

This weekend I visited London again. I know there seems to be a theme of constantly visiting the one city but it really has many opportunities for different images.  I had originally planned to get an image of Buckingham Palace at sunset.  Buckingham Palace is crawling with people, it is absolutely heaving with tourists.   Unfortunately, I stupidly left my cable release at home and so couldn’t take an exposure longer than 30 seconds. This meant that no matter what I did, and barring some heavy post-production which I really didn’t want to do, there would always be some tourists lurking in the image.  I really wasn’t that happy with the image I did get, and the sky just didn’t light up with colour that was being promised by the interesting cloud an hour before.  I stayed through the blue hour and ended with an image I am sort of happy with and will share next.

On my way back to the tube station I happened to walk through St James’ park.  It was by pure chance as I had originally intended to go back via Trafalgar square, but not having my cable release I would end with the same tourist issue.  As I rounded the corner and walked over the bridge I caught a glimpse of the top of the London Eye.  Such a beautiful and iconic sight.

If you like it or have some constructive feedback, please leave a comment.

London's Eye from St James' park
London Eye

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