Foray into Film

For a while, I have been admiring the film shooters of the past.  For my 30th birthday ( that happened almost 1 year ago) my wife bought me a film camera and a roll of black and white C41 processable film.

Film SLR black and white Image
The first Image from my EOS 33 SLR

This image of the Tulips, she bought to brighten our home, was the first image I created using that film camera.  A Canon EOS 33.  She put a lot of thought into it and made sure that my film camera system could take the lenses I had previously purchased for my digital system, the EF lens series.  The Tulips were taken with my 50mm 1.4 at f/2 (I think). The film I am currently using is the Ilford 400 XP2.

Not only is this image special to me because it was my first film image, but it also makes me smile because it depicts something my wife loves (flowers for the home) with something she bought out of love, to invest in me, for something I love.



Lloyds of London

London is known for its financial district.  One of the most notorious well-known companies to reside here is Lloyds of London.  Now without condoning some of their past insurance-based practices, I’d like to present their outstanding building!  Completed in 1986 this “Inside out” building houses the majority of its services such as lifts, stairwells and ducting on the outside, allowing for an unencumbered space inside.  A similar building exists in Paris called the Pompidou centre housing the Musée National d’Art Moderne.  We are hoping to visit Paris Museum of Modern art next week on our Paris trip.  As it was a Sunday I was unable to look into the Lloyds building…and I’m not even sure I would have been allowed.

The Lloyds of London building. 

This post also makes up my entry to the weekly post photo challenge with the theme of “Wish“.  My wish is that these posts will start to inspire others to pick up their camera, get out there and take some great photos to share with the world!


Tower 42

The building Tower 42
The building Tower 42
Tower 42

Taken in London on a solo photo walk.  Entered into the Dailypost  weekly photo challenge .

Walking around London is a great way to get shake yourself from the creative slump.  This image was an after though, I had just finished at the Leadenhall Market when I saw this colossal glass lobby.  Standing on the other side of the road I was able to get the whole lobby.  The tower it self stands back and rises high above.  Be Careful taking images around th city in London that you stay on the public footpaths, or you may be trespassing.