It’s been a while since I’ve been motivated to take any images. Partly due to some things going on outside of photography that has stopped me, mostly mental, and also because I just haven’t been anywhere. Well ok that’s not true, I did make a trip back home to a Melbourne and I have a few from there I will post up soon….when I find the memory card. Quick pro tip….keep your memory cards safe!

Post though I wanted to share so,etching that I found my self enjoying immensely, and am determined to do lots more of.

Taking old photos that were shot in black and white and bringing them into the colour world.  As a scientist in my day job I chose two important scientists to start, and I think will make it a bit of a passion piece. Please be aware that these images were NOT taken by me, but I did colourise them.

Please let me know what you think in the comments. The first is Nikolai Tesla and the second is Rosalind Franklin.


Foray into Film

For a while, I have been admiring the film shooters of the past.  For my 30th birthday ( that happened almost 1 year ago) my wife bought me a film camera and a roll of black and white C41 processable film.

Film SLR black and white Image
The first Image from my EOS 33 SLR

This image of the Tulips, she bought to brighten our home, was the first image I created using that film camera.  A Canon EOS 33.  She put a lot of thought into it and made sure that my film camera system could take the lenses I had previously purchased for my digital system, the EF lens series.  The Tulips were taken with my 50mm 1.4 at f/2 (I think). The film I am currently using is the Ilford 400 XP2.

Not only is this image special to me because it was my first film image, but it also makes me smile because it depicts something my wife loves (flowers for the home) with something she bought out of love, to invest in me, for something I love.


Wicken Fen

Wicken Fen Wind Pump

Approximately 16 miles outside of Cambridge is a national trust nature reserve called Wicken Fen.  We arrived at about 3pm with my idea being to set up for a sunset image of the wind pump.  These wind pumps were used to help drain the Fens in a similar manner to the techniques used by the dutch, and are partly why the netherlands are so famous for their windmills!  The draining of the Fens is a really interesting story and you can read more here.

Wandering around the nature reserve and up the board walk brought us to a bird watching hide.  Unfortunately nothing of interest was actually going on and I didn’t have time to spend waiting there for bird photographs as sunset was around 5:15. So we wandered off up the nature trail.  To say that we were under prepared for marshland is an under statement.  I guess the clue is in the name “Fen” but still, that place is boggy!  We attempted to make it up one of the dirt tracks only to be blocked by a some pretty deep water and mud, and with Candice nor or having Gum boots (and a rental car!) we decided to turn around and stick to the board walk.  That’s when I saw a huge barn owl swoop from the trees (no photo sorry).  Such a majestic creature though and for the rest of the evening we saw a couple flying high searching for prey.  Just after the barn owl we saw a Muntjac Deer.  Look at him, he is so adorable!  He was bouncing up and down the path about 100 meters away from us.  In fact I think there were several deer with only really one being spotted at any one time.

Muntjac Deer
Look at his adorable little legs!


Candice decided she didn’t want to stand in the cold while I took sunset photos so she kept on the board walk trail.  I, on the other hand, decided to head to the wind pump to set up for what I hoped would be a big reveal.  The day was fairly cloudy but sometimes all you need to be is patient and a burst of light at the right time can really make a photo.  Unfortunately I was out there for over an hour watching the light and that cloud would not budge.  There was no colour and no interest in the sky.  As I was setting up I tried a few different things with focal lengths and lenses. Due to the lack of interest from the sky at any part of sunset, I was happiest with this image converted to black and white from the 70-200.

Wicken Fen Wind Pump
Wind Pump at Wicken Fen

I guess this means I need to go back and try again.

Kudos to Hertz car rental though for the cheap car for the weekend.  No sponsorship here, they’ve just been the best deal and I’ve used them twice now.

All in all Wicken Fen is a great place to go and see some wildlife and I highly recommend spending an afternoon there.  I wouldn’t go during the school holidays if you want to enjoy a peaceful wildlife experience as kids tend to be noisy, but during normal days I’m sure it would be much quieter.