Somewhere North of the Wall

Today, Candice and I drove to Torridon.

The drive up is insanely beautiful.  Our first stop from Cambridge was Glasgow, where we stayed in the YHA on Park terrace.  Pretty swanky part of town.  As we drove on Xmas day, we had a really good run up and made it in 5 hours.  We would have made it in less had we not entered the wrong address and ended up in the….uh….not so nice part of glasgow…lets just call it that.

Not wanting to waste the opportunity we went for a walk through the park and found the Kelvingrove Art Museum and Gallery…obviously not open but pretty impressive building!

Kelvingrove Museum
The Kelvingrove Museum

After this and with a hasty exchange with some locals (no idea what was said, they were both drunk and Glaswegian) we headed to the river.

River Clyde in Glasgow
River Clyde


Turns out Glasgow is quite a pretty city, even if the weather was a bit “Meh”.