Charing Cross

Charing Cross Station

London is full of train stations. It took me years to realise that the colourful building at the other end of the Jubilee bridge over the river was in fact Charing Cross Station.  What makes that even more stupid is that I’ve walked over this bridge and into the station many times!  I hope you enjoy this long exposure of Charing Cross and the river Thames.

Charing Cross Station
Charing Cross Station and the Jubilee Bridge.

Melbourne City

Melbourne City

A friend was leaving Melbourne and as a gift my Image of Melbourne from the VCCC was given to her by our old work colleagues.  This sparked me to go through some old images and reprocess one or two now that I have developed better skills in Lightroom and Photoshop.  This one is of the city of Melbourne from Albert Park, back in 2014.

Melbourne City
The City of Melbourne from Albert Park Lake

Tower Bridge

London’s famous Tower Bridge is often mistaken for London Bridge.  Constructed in the late 1800s it is still used as a major road to connect Tower Hamlets in the north to Southwark in the south.  A London icon, this bridge is famous throughout the world! A long exposure of about 1.5 minutes.

Tower Bridge in London

[Boom] Headshot

This is just a quick one, that isn’t so much travel related but still camera and photography related.
Last night, my brother-in-law (BIL) wanted a headshot taken.  My instant thought was “Excellent! I can try out the 7D Mk I, portraits was one of the reasons I bought it!”.  Turns out though I’m an idiot and don’t have a card reader, so that wasn’t going to be an option. Canon 6D it was then!
BIL put on a shirt (and trackie dacks…) and we started fiddling with poses and settings. BIL spent his time getting his facial expression right, and I fiddled with the exposure and flash settings.
For these photos, I bounced the flash off the ceiling to soften the light and light the entire scene.  I tried putting in a silver reflector but it kept reflecting in his glasses so I took it out and used a white reflector.
I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.  It helps to have a good looking model.  I took out a flash reflection and did a little colour blending in photoshop which took a total of 5 minutes or so.  All in all a quick headshot with not much setup and some satisfying results.
I also just want to add a little photo here showing that you don’t need a huge studio to take a good headshot.
Headshot background
The background – Simple
A simple chair in front if the wall, door closed and bounce flash on the ceiling is all you need!